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My name is Faisal Al Shaqsi from the sultanate of Oman (MUSCAT);


I’m an international master photographer and award winning photographer


  • A Master Photographer from Master Photographers International Organization(MPIO) 

  • Qualified Associate Master Photographer with MPA (Master Photography Association) in the United Kingdom.

  • Awarded the top international Fashion and Beauty photographer 

  • Among 100 top best photographers in the world.

  • A master photographer and a star member of PPAC (Professional Photographers Asia Community)

  • A member of Asia WPA 

  • I’m also Oman’s Godox lights brand ambassador 


What began as a necessity turned to a passion and through my lens, the beauty of life came alive!, capturing the emotion and beauty of people have always intrigued me and i delved deeper into this area made me a professional creative photographer currently I’m into creating Fine art, Beauty shoots and creative Portrait where I create not an image but piece of art. 


I horn my skill through my continues learning and sharing knowledge  with my fellow master photographers around the world. I always get back to them to benchmark my work and share with them the learning and keep ourselves up to date with technology and techniques.


I got to where I am now by working hard and keep learning from others and the support and encouragement and trust of my family.

My best images are the story telling of tears of Joy and mystery behind the eyes of the people I capture.


I’m Proud of all my international award winnings and now giving back to all through workshops and sharing knowledge.

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